Since 1997, HFCI has sponsored an Oral History project. In an ongoing project to capture our history before it is too late, HFCI has recorded “oral histories” from long time Fairfax residents – most in their 80’s and 90’s. Oral history participants for this round include:

Phase I

  • Lehmen Young
  • Henry and Douglas Mackall
  • John Sherwood
  • Shirley Young

Phase II

  • Lee Hubbard
  • Pat Rodio
  • Gladys Potterton
  • Ellen Wigren
  • Etta Richards
  • Mary Petersen

Unedited individual recording and an edited recording of the combined tapes are available through the Virginia Room at the Fairfax County Regional Library. Edited recordings are available for sale at the Fairfax Museum Gift Shop. For more information call 703.385.8414