The Fairfax Story Learn more about our exciting history through archived copies of The Fare Facs Gazette, the newsletter of Historic Fairfax City, Inc – Editor, Page Johnson.

Summer issue:  (Coming Soon):  The Locomotive Fairfax
Spring issue: Jim Ferguson’s Eating House
Winter issue: The Dying Breath of Jim Crow: Harper v. Virginia Board of Elections
Fall issue: The Freedmen’s Bureau and School at Fairfax Court House
Summer issue: The Last Hanging in Fairfax County
Spring issue: The Race Field at Fairfax Court House
Winter issue One Virginia Woman Who Was Not The Enemy: Mary Dye Willcoxon
Fall issue: Colonel Mottrom Dulany Ball: A Founding Father of Alaska (Pt. 2 of 2)
Summer issue: Colonel Mottrom Dulany Ball (Pt. 1 of 2)
Spring issue: Going Home From Surrender: Appomattox to Fairfax Court House
Winter issue: A Sad Story of Redemption
Fall issue: The Skirmish at Arellton and the Brigade Hospital at Fairfax Court House
Summer issue: Mosby’s Horse Artillery
Spring issue: The Corduroy Road From Fairfax Court House to Fairfax Station
Winter issue: The Spy and the Millionaire
Fall issue: The Quaker Scout
Summer issue: The Life and Death of Brigadier General Michael Corcoran
Spring issue: Charge of the Gray Devils
Winter issue: Mosby’s Fairfax Court House Raid “The Wildest Devils Ride”
Fall issue: Fall 1862 at Fairfax Court House: Changes and Challenges
Summer issue: Changing Hands, Fairfax Court House
Spring issue: The Restored Government of Fairfax County
Winter issue: McClellan at Fairfax Court House
Fall issue: Council of War at Fairfax Court House
Summer issue: Coombe Cottage
Spring issue: None
Winter issue: None
Fall issue: None
Summer issue: None
Spring issue: None
Winter issue: None
Fall issue: None
Summer issue: ‘Cut the Wires’ The Story of a Boy Telegraph Operator at Fairfax C.H.
Spring issue: Remembering Mike
Winter issue: None
Fall issue: None
Summer issue: None
Spring issue: None
Winter issue: My Grandfather’s Lee Highway
Fall issue: The Edith Thompson House
Summer issue: TOPS Drive-Inn
Spring issue: Bond and Simmons Families
Winter issue: Singing Pines: The Frank Ford House
Fall issue: James G. LaMarre: Hometown Hero
Summer issue: Generally, a Baron Knight (the capture of Baron Rudolph de Wardener)
Spring issue: The Blenheim House’s New Discoveries
Winter issue: African American Education in the Town of Fairfax
Fall issue: My Ten Favorite People in Fairfax Cemetery
Summer issue: HFCI Takes 1st Place in 4th of July Parade
Spring issue: Mary Ludema Sayre First Postmistress of Fairfax
Winter issue: Richard Ratcliffe: The Founder
Fall issue: The Sisson House
Summer issue: Tallwood House
Spring issue: The Unfinished Manassas Gap Railroad
Winter issue: The Old National Bank of Fairfax Building
Fall issue: The Fairfax Electric Depot & Mill Managers House
Summer issue: The Powell/Ostrander House
Spring issue: The Roberts/Chichester House
Winter issue: Why Plan For Historic Preservation?